Patterns and Energy
Copyright 2013 by Dan A. Davidson
The aether is the basic energy of the universe. What manifests in the universe are defined by patterns that organize the aether. Everything that we see including all the energies, all the sub-atomic and atomic particles, all the natural forms such as DNA, our physical bodies, the nature kingdom, the astronomical realm (moons, planets, sun, galaxies, etc.) are all defined patterns that exist in the aether. These patterns exist as part of a Master Power Flame that radiates throughout the aether from Great Spiritual Intelligences that create the universe. What makes a pattern manifest is some intelligence that commands the pattern to manifest.

From manifestations of higher orders of consciousness such as the Ascended Masters (e.g. Jesus), adepts (e.g. Yogananda, Babaji, Saint Germain before he ascended),  we can deduce another level of patterns in the Master Power Flame. This would be largely the patterns that produce the powers which Masters exhibit such as instantaneous healing, creating matter directly from the aether (precipitation), dissolving matter back to aether (aetheralization), and healing on all levels both personal and on a larger scale. These patterns are the result of the Master having become one with all the divine forces AND maintaining a momentum of constructive harmonious actions to prove their reliability to handle these awesome forces. Figure 10 depicts some of the Masters known to have exhibited a higher consciousness miracles.

Another aspect of higher consciousness are the energies associated with the divine qualities such as love, peace, harmony, perception, etc. We are told by the Masters that these are all activities of what They call "Sacred Fire" and are part of the Master Power Flame. Sacred Fire controls all levels below itself and enables a Master to exhibit/operate at the highest levels of creative ability and have all the powers over the phenomenal/manifested aspects of the universe.

The Sacred Fire is discussed in ancient as well as modern metaphysics. Various energies, which we identify as qualities, such as peace, love, control, etc. part of the Master Power Flame. When I first became familiar with the use of the Sacred Fire I had questioned where it came from. Eventually this was made plane when the Master Power Flame was explained to me by the Ascended Masters.

From a discourse by Ascended Master Saint Germain (Book 4, Saint Germain Press, Chicago, Ill).
"The work of repairing and perfecting the body is done through the electron... The electron is a focus of perfect Energy from which the workers (of the body) draw their perfection...The force field around the electron is naturally perfection. The force field between the positive and negative atoms may be so charged with the force of the Electron, that it maintains a constant constructive activity. This is done by the Conscious Activity of the Thought through the Vision."

 Jesus               Saint Germain             Babaji                Yogananda
Ice Frozen from various conditions and Photographed by Mr. Emoto
     1. Snow                       2. Pond Water          3. Blessed Pond water     4. Heavy  Metal
                                                                                                                        Music on water   

Advanced yogis, and other more spiritually advanced humans have known this since time immemorial. After all, this is what consciousness research is all about; namely, a rediscovery of who and what we are, using scientific methods to show there is a higher state of consciousness and well being on all levels.

Meditation and other forms of spiritual practices such a affirmations and decreeing lead the these higher states of being.
So we can see that the basic levels of atomic structures are a focus of patterns of perfection. This means perfect health, perfect DNA, no disease, no inharmony, eternal youth and beauty. Only man in his discordant thoughts and feelings requalifies (i.e. distorts) this pure energy and creates all the problems we have in mind, body, and environment, government, society.

In recent years there has been a huge amount of research and application of a holistic approach (i.e. mind, body, environment) to healing of ourselves, our environment, our world.

All matter is made of the basic substance and energy of the universe; namely, aether. Consciousness is our self awareness, I Am. At our highest level, the higher self is our I AM Presence, a product of Master Power Flame, the universes patterns of perfection, of consciousness. Of course, it is patently obvious we don't manifest all those patterns, we have free will. We can create other patterns that are distortions of Master Power Flame patterns. For example, instead of love, a divine pattern of consciousness, we can have feelings and thoughts of hate. And this goes on and on until you see the pitiful creatures walking the streets bereft of the divine nature they should express and unconscious of what they could manifest.

The divine nature is, as Beloved Jesus expressed as an exemplary exposition of Master Power Flame, all its patterns of eternal perfection and also the many Avatars of previous ages have manifested (e.g. Krishna from ancient Hindu culture). Our divine nature, the Christ consciousness, is one of total self mastery over our own energies, consciousness, and the external world of time, space, matter, and energy. The reason we don't have the full use of our creative abilities and manifest our perfected state of well being, of the Ascended Masters Consciousness, as I choose to call it, is we don't have enough of the Logos patterns of eternal perfection in a concentrated form active throughout our mental, emotional, and physical states. And more importantly, we haven't gotten rid of our negative patterns and energies. A house divided cannot stand! We must become totally integrated into patterns of total perfection to out-picture our divine heritage, to manifest perfection.

This idea that we are creative beings is an integral part of the metaphysical view of man and his relationship to the universe. We, as creative spiritual beings, evolve up the scale of consciousness to greater levels of creation. In essence, we are all great powerful spiritual beings with all the powers of creation built into us. Science is moving into a greater understanding and acceptance that we are embryonic high powered spiritual beings. With the discoveries of Prof. Müller we are moving into an integration of physics and metaphysics. The reason we don't have use of many of these higher powers is our lack of emotional and mental control, our state of integrity or lack thereof, and our low level of energy which makes most humans impotent to use and apply higher energy forces.

How our thought and emotions affect matter is now being studied and proven in the laboratories of science.  Mr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher has proven that thoughts, emotions, and everything around us is photographed on the substance and energy of our world. Mr. Emoto's book, "The Message from Water" should clear any doubts that your thoughts and emotions affect everything profoundly. The basic message in his book is brought home by direct photographs of water crystals that have been altered in shape by both constructive harmonious thoughts showing beautiful patterns versus distorted ugly patterns in water crystals that have been subjected to negative hateful thoughts and emotions, as well as negative energies such as destructive "music" like acid rock. The Figure below illustrates some aspects of how water gets "qualified" with patterns. This is what is happening to the liquid in people who listen to this kind of discordant "music".

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