Description of a Personal and Planetary Purifier (P3)

Have you ever wished for the stopping of some corrupt person, politician, country, ideology, or group from influencing and corrupting our beautiful world? I am sure you have. In fact you've probably wished them removed from the planet. While the first wish is laudable the second can cause you problems because what energies you send out eventually returns to you amplified, it is called Karma. Sending Love to an evil person and you just get amplified Love back; however, sending murderous thoughts comes back to haunt you. Sending such negative energies is very bad consciousness.

The Beloved Master Jesus said to love your enemies as yourself. He did this because by sending Love to your enemies you are in fact causing their negative evil energies back into them and they are forced to clean up their act. You can do this even more powerfully by calling for the angels, like Archangel Michael, to seal His circle of Blue Flame around them and compel Divine Justice for them. If the person is not really evil the Love you send blesses them and assists them to be a better person. They either get cleaned up or cleaned out.

When I was about 16 years old, I prayed to God to teach me how the universe really functions as the current science seemed to be a tiny subset of truth and much of it , I felt, was just plain wrong or badly distorted. I have had a very interesting life because of this simple prayer by me as a naive boy. My academic background is degrees in mathematics and engineering, with a near physics degree. I have been an avid researcher into alternative science since I was very young. I had two near death experiences by the time I was 8 years which changed my perceptions. I have studied every religion in depth, all the alternative scientists I could find, the list is endless. I also received visions of how the universe really worked. Some of these visions showed me how to build various inventions that helped me to understand and advanced science. These devices I built and they work just as the visions declared. When I want to know something I ask and I receive information. (Ask and you will receive as per the Bible). The P3 was recently shown to me as a way to help clean up the earth.

Because of the violence, wars, and many other evils on planet earth, I have "prayed/asked/decreed" many many times for the Great God Beings to show me how I can do something with my invention/science abilities to help clean up our world. After many years of persistent asking I have finally been shown. The result is the Personal and Planetary Purifier (P3) shown below.  It is about a foot high and works on 12 volts DC from a common 110 volt plug in power supply.

The P3 works on a quantum or aetheric level and is a sophisticated Sacred Fire projector. God is Light. Divine Purity is one quality of the Sacred Fire, as is Love, Wisdom, Power. The P3 projects intense pure Spiritual Purity Light to any target anywhere. The target can be a person, place or thing defined by a picture, name, or degree. It works exceedingly well. The P3 is a White Magic invention in its finest highest sense. The P3 cannot be misused. Any attempts to use is for destructive black magic will not work since it can only project/send God's Divine Purity and Justice where it is directed.

If you are interested in getting rid of your bad energies (karma), cleaning up this beautiful planet, and ridding it of evil you can order a Personal and Planetary Purifier from Auric Water Enterprises LLC address below. $700 + $14 shipping USA only per P3. Foreign orders contact me at address below to get shpping charges

Or Mail To:  Auric Water Enterprises, PO Box 1090, Sierra Vista AZ 85636

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A photo of the P3 is shown below.
Purity is a Sacred Fire Activity That Annihilates Evil
Evil is distorted warped energy in a Person's Aura
P3 results from Those on Machine

I did long range test to Chile for 10 minutes from Arizona. I energized a picture of Man in Chile whose picture was on the P3 and his instant response was. "The P3 is amazing. Room lite up like a Christmas tree and lot of Sacred Fire."

I found that If you put yourself on the P3 in form of selfie or your name for more than 15 min it is very intense. We did for 2 hours and it about wiped us out for 2 days with much sleep required.

I think its more powerful than older MPF machines. The P3 is billions of time higher than the average man on street who is 1.0 vs the MPF at 110,000. Man in Chile thought so. too. The average student of the Ascended Masters is at 110,000.

Long range test by Lady in Switzerland, did sight unseen test before P3 even built and she said 10 minutes = 10,000 people decreeing calling forth God's Love.

To a Lady in Germany, P3 in Arizona with her name was projeced to Germany. "Thank you Dan, It was fantastic!" 

Man in Chile again, Name and address on P3, no picture. Name gave more pressure of the energy. He could feel touching the energy with both hands. A little bit of headache.

Man in Colorado, energized with name and address on P3 in Arizona. He said he was quickly sent into Higher Mental Body and was observing outer self and the I AM Presence. He has been doing this everyday several times a day. Resulted in much clearing of outer self (clearing up karma of outer self). He is seeing and feeling more clear such as visualization, memory very clear and sharp, etc. Found need for more sleep so can integrate cleared up feeling and consciousness.

The P3 is also a decree machine. Put a decree of something you would like to see have happen such as purification of some person or group and place under the light in the P3, or have manifest.

You can put yourself on the P3 in form of your picture or name. Do only a few minutes a day and gradually build up the time to hours.

P3 must be plugged on to work. I did test with and without power to P3. No results with no power. The P3 energizes patterns on the P3 using Pattern Physics

Kriya Yogi Man in Colorado to me. "You already have the technology of the future.  You should be selling thousands of P3 units.  What's the holdup?  It is so powerful that I have to use it in small doses.  The other day I accidentally left it on for several hours and it brought a ton of stuff to the surface.  A bit overwhelming but everything happens for a reason.  I honestly believe that the P3 could provide a path to the immortal phase and possibly ascension.  The thing that kills us, or slows us down, is impurities in our various bodies.  This blazes through most of them.  I feel completely transformed on all levels but also part of it is from my pilgrimage experience.  Of course the timing happens for a reason.  I really believe the P3 is the precursor to the Atlantean ascension chamber.  I think every hour using it is like meditating for a whole year or something along those lines."
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