From my book "Shape Power" published in 1998, a definition of Shape Power is as follows: "The phenomena whereby physical shapes convert the undifferentiated universal aether into electricity, magnetism, gravity, and nuclear forces".  The basic Shape Power discovery is based on the concept of how the rotational energy around the atoms in a linear material connect to form a radiating rotating aetheric flow either perpendicular or rotating with respect to the line.  The flow from the atoms in the material governs whether these flows interact.  The following figure 1 of the atoms in a line illustrates this concept.

My thesis behind all this is that a rotating vortex of aetheric energy is in fact a magnetic field.  When two lines intersect an aetheric vortex results, which is a magnetic field, is shown in figure above.

Aetheric Vortex = Magnetic Field Produced at Intersection of Two Lines.

This effect was validated in the laboratory as shown in the above figure. I also had my friend a fellow alternative science researcher run a test. Joe Parr stuck wooden chop sticks into a Styrofoam ball and measured the result. I also did a similar experiment. We both used sensitive magnetometers, which are magnetic field measuring instruments, and showed how electrostatics and magnetic fields come into manifestation. See next figure.

The rest of the known forces of physics are also derivable by treating the aether as a hydrodynamic super-fluid (see Shape Power book) and deriving the form or state that the aether takes to create the forces.

It took awhile for this to sink in but I realized I had just solved the great mystery of how John Ernst Keely (inventor in late 1890s) controlled his vibratory instruments by drawing symbols on a blackboard. He did this by linking the controls of his instruments to a shape pattern that would control the instrument. Since like patterns resonant then drawing that pattern would energize like patterns by visualizing energy going into the pattern.

Beyond Shape Power
Since my basic discoveries in the Shape Power book I have evolved beyond my original thesis of how shape converts the aether to other forces. This hinges around the basic fact that any shape is a in the aether or matter. The aether is pure space energy without material organization. So how does matter, physical substance, get created out of the aether. The answer is quite simple.

The aether gets organized by patterns injected into the aether by sentient beings. People, Adepts, Ascended Masters, on up the scale of self consciousness all can visualize and create/manifest that material, i.e. materialize physical substance. Pictures in the mind of a consciousness intelligence create patterns that organize the aether. Patterns act as programms that organize the aether into whatever is visualized. This process is call precipitation.

Most people at the human, unascended level, can't do this consciously. They do do it in thought and feeling without realizing it and create the individual states they live in whether good or ill. Good meaning constructive and ill meaning destructive and ends up being Karma.
Basics physics of the Aether
Everything that manifests in our physical world has a pattern defined by energy and vibration. The universe is a gigantic vibrating harmoniously concordant manifestation of the Creators Divine Plan. The smallest to the largest of the universe's manifestations vibrates and sings the song of creation.  Patterns act as programmers to the universal energy, the aether.

Dual State of Aether
We live in an energetic creative universe with a dual aspect. There is the great universal ocean of aetheric energy, energy in its non-manifest state. Then there is energy in manifestation defined by the vibration and energy manifested as matter. Our current state of physics is in total infatuation with the manifest side of energy and vibration. The non-manifest state is largely ignored or ridiculed (e.g. there idea of the non existence of the aether).

This dualistic aspect of creation is:

 1.        What we see and experience is the manifest vibrational matter from subatomic particles, atoms, and the higher forms of life and substance of the universe.

 2.        What is not seen are the static patterns that create from the universal aether what we do see. These patterns, simple and complex, organize the universal energy, the aether into the manifest universe. Energizing a pattern causes it to manifest according to the pattern.

There are two types of patterns.

 1.        The natural patterns that are from the foundational structure of the universe. These are all in the Master Power Flame (MPF). The MPF patterns radiate throughout creation that define the highest level spiritual beings who have created the physical noumenal universe, down to the material universe i.e. what we see and experience.

 2.        The patterns created by conscious sentient beings such as ourselves as well as those great spiritual masters, e.g. Beloved Jesus, who qualify the aetheric energies with specific perfect patterns of special qualities like peace, love, etc.

As humans on this level we have free will to qualify the universal energy with constructive or destructive patterns. So long as these patterns are in harmony with creation they do live on and become part of our constructive development. The destructive patterns and energies like hate are eventually purified and returned back into aether energy.

Most of this background I have covered in previous chapters. Also, there is great deal of how matter is manifest from patterns was covered in my book "Shape Power". A mini review is below from that book.

Review of Shape Power Physics
My fundamental discovery of how shape orders the universal aether was a revelation from my research in pyramid power. There is definitely an energy coming off pyramids and is measurable with modern instrumentation. The amazing thing is that the energy only needs the edge outline of the pyramid shape to manifest energy. It makes no difference what materials the edges are made, metals or non conductors work easily as well. This vital clue led me to the obvious conclusion that the four vertexes of base and the top of the pyramid may well have something to do with the pyramid energy production. So I created a model of several wooden sticks that all converged at a single point. I measured a definite magnetic field being produced at the convergence of the sticks at the point, the vertex. I could also feel the energy. Clairvoyants could see a vortex of energy at the vertex. I could also draw two lines on a chalk board or piece of paper that converged to a point and measure and see the vortex of aetheric energy forming, with a greater intensity at the convergent point and gradually getting fainter the further from the vertex.
The simple law of pattern physics is:
An energized pattern manifests the object.

This LAW is shown graphically in the following figure.