Figure 2.   Modern Duplication of the Aetheralization of Water

Physics of Aetherealization
Analysis of the experiment results in some interesting conclusions. The water column that was used was close to 3 wavelengths long. This is based on a speed of sound in water of 1482 meter/second and thus a wavelength of 3.5 centimeter if we assume the Keely dissociation frequency.  Thus the water column of approximately 10 centimeters/3.5 = 2.85 wavelengths. This is close to 3 wavelengths so the net result of this is close to a standing wave created in the tube.  Since the number of wavelengths is an odd number, the reflected wave ends up canceling the primary wave.  This results in a stress wave being imposed on the water molecules and the aetheric energy flowing into the nucleus. This sets up a condition that damps out the energy of the nucleus sufficient to cause the atoms to dissolve back into the primordial aether. Remember, the ultrasonic transducer was hot and heating the water so it was evaporating and Dr. X was interested in standing waves in the water column so any odd multiple of the water wavelengths would be his main interest.

One interesting anecdotal story with respect to this experiment has to do with a conference where I was asked to recount the water aetheralization experiment accident.  Afer my talk a crowd of interested members from the audience, who had come up to the podium, were asking me various questions.  A young researcher from the back of the crowd caught my attention and said he had duplicated the experiment using a piezoelectric like the chemist used, gotten similiar results, and stated that the experiment did not need near as much power as the chemist had used.  In the ensuing questions from the crowd, I lost track of the young researcher and was never able to get the details of his duplication effort.

Levitation of 4 Ton Iron Sphere
After Keely's untimely death in 1898, several investigators from the Scientific American magazine staff went to Keely's laboratory looking for evidence to support the idea that Keely was a fraud 12.  They thought they found what they were looking for when they lifted the floorboards of a section of the laboratory and found a large cast-iron sphere from which protruded pieces of iron pipe, but the pipes were not connected to anything.  The sphere was estimated to weigh 6,625 pounds and have a bursting strength of 28,000 pounds.

This event revived the charge that Keely had used compressed air to perform his miraculous feats; which, if true, would have earned Keely a fortune from compressed air inventions.

A friend of mine uncovered a newspaper article, written while Keely was still living, which tells the story of how the iron sphere got under the floorboards.  It seems the newsman who wrote the article had gone to see Keely for possible newsworthy information.   He found the inventor in his laboratory tearing a large hole in the floor.  Keely greeted the reporter but did not seem to be in a talkative mood as he appeared quite busy.  After enlarging the hole, Keely attached a strange belt with several mechanisms built into it to his waist.  He then attached a thin wire leading from the belt to a large sphere resting in a corner of the laboratory.

After a few minutes of intense concentration by Keely, the ponderous globe slowly lifted a few inches off the floor.  Keely then "floated" the iron sphere over the hole in the floorboards and allowed the huge mass to settle to the ground below the floor level.  After a few adjustments to the belt mechanism Keely again seemed lost in rapt concentration.  This time the globe slowly but inexorably settled itself into the earth, buried by the opposite of levitation; namely, supergravity.  Keely had evidently caused the apparent mass of the sphere to increase to such an extent that it sank into the firm earth much as a heavy rock sinks into mud.  The inventor told the reporter that he was making room in his lab by clearing away outmoded equipment.  This is the sphere later found by the Scientific American expose group.

It is theorized that the belt mechanism Keely wore during the levitation feat tuned the atomic structure, orienting the atoms of the iron sphere, so all the atoms were synchronized. The  aetheric force, controlled by Keely's concentration, directed the aether through the sphere causing it to levitate or gravitate. It should be remembered that focused thought will direct and/or control aether. Also, gravity is the result of aether being resisted as it flows through electrons and protons. Thus directing aether through atomic structure (electrons and protons) would cause the mass to move in the direction of the aether flow. This is the way to control gravity! Gravity Craft here we come!

John E. Keely Laboratory with Liberator in background
Master Power Flame
Keely = a 19 Century Aether Scientist
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Aether Levels
Aether & Keely
John Ernst Worrel Keely
My wife and I have done many experiments with shape power and various energy shapes over the years.  Most of what we did has never been publicly documented until now as there was only a small mention in my previous writings.  Shape power has been a recurring topic in our discussions and experiments with universal energy, and it seems to be a recurring theme we find in various sources.

One of our favorites is a famous inventor of the 19th century, John Ernst Worrel Keely, who developed shape power to a fine science.  One of Keely's demonstration gimmicks was to draw a series of symbols on a blackboard and one of his vibratory devices or motors would start operating.  Keely used symbols to control the aetheric energies in his lab and possibly focalize them to effect mechanical operation. Magic at its finest!

In the book A Dweller On Two Planets 2, during one of Phylos's incarnations, he was being taken by a Chinese Master, Quong, to a hidden retreat in Mount Shasta.  During the trip, the Master demonstrated to Phylos, two occult symbols.  Quong drew a symbol he called the Vis Mortuus on the ground, which caused a flame of the "fire of life" to blaze up for many feet inside the symbol.  The symbol was a circle a couple of feet in diameter with a cross inside the circle and with the cross arms pointing east-west and north-south respectively.  The Master Quong threw a stick into the flame and it disappeared.  Quong then drew another symbol he termed, Vis Naturae, and he stepped into the flame which proved to be an energizing and rejuvenation aid.  The Vis Naturae was a circle with a line through the middle running north and south.  Subsequent information revealed that the Master was extremely old yet he showed no indication of age deterioration.

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui utilizes the placement of houses, household furnishings, building sites, office layouts, etc., to maximize natural energies and place the occupants of the houses and offices in a harmonious, orderly, energetic environment.  It is obviously based on shape power effects.

Related to Feng Shui is the ancient I Ching divination system based on the order and placement of the I Ching symbols to foretell the future.  The I Ching symbols themselves are shape power devices.

The eye-of-god, a Mexican mandala, is said to focus spiritual energies into the home.  It has a basic shape of two or more crossed sticks and is tied in the center.   Colored string or yarn is woven around the sticks to create a series of concentric patterns which tend to draw the eye to the center of the mandala.  The mandala is said to ward off evil spirits and harmful negative forces.

The Tibetan yogis and Buddhists have an infinitude of mandalas which are claimed to be foci of various gods and spirutal qualities.  Additionally, mandalas are also used in meditation to draw in higher spiritual energies and to attune the practitioner to these spiritual forces.  Mandalas are designed to tune up a person's energy centers (i.e., the chakras) as there are specific Mandalas for each of the seven major chakras.

The pyramid shape has a rich history of shape power effects.  What has been discovered is that the pyramid shape collects, intensifies, and focuses the aetheric or space energy around the pyramid.  Many interesting effects have been noted about the pyramid shape, such as the ability to mummify dead animals, fruit, vegetables, and flowers.  The pyramid has also been used to sharpen razor blades.  The pyramid as a shape power device will be examined in depth in chapter 4.

John Keely was probably one of the greatest enigmas of the 19th century of science.  He was labeled an impostor and a Cagliostro by many of his contemporaries and after he died.  During his lifetime he demonstrated many advanced technologies which have not been duplicated today and which earned Keely a reputation as one of the great inventors of the age.  Keely invented the science of sympathetic vibratory physics.  His discoveries in sound vibration alone would fill volumes had they ever been made public.  A detailed account of Keely and his scientific achievements is to be found in my first book "Breakthroughs to New Free Energy Devices" , a brief account follows.
Brief History of Keely
John Ernst Worrel Keely was born in 1827 and died on September 3, 1898.  Keely's parents died in an epidemic when he was a young boy and he was raised by his grandfather Ernst.  Ernst was an accomplished musician, composer, and symphony orchestra conductor.  Early on, Ernst recognized that his grandson, John, was a musical prodigy, so musical training became a part of John's life and formed the basis for his discoveries in sympathetic vibratory physics.  A career in music did not appeal to the adventurous Keely.  Instead, he was impressed by a famous statement by Pagganni, the world renowned violinist, that given the mass chord of a bridge Pagganni could destroy the bridge by playing this note on the violin.

Keely left school when he was a teenager and went off with the circus for a few years; however, his background in music and his intense interest in science caused Keely to settle down and get married.  Keely used his background in carpentry to earn a living.  Much of his income was spent on experiments in sound vibration.

Circa 1866, while subjecting water to various sound vibrations, Keely had an explosion in his laboratory which wrecked the apparatus.  This event was the turning point of his scientific dabbling and for six years of intense experimentation Keely worked to duplicate the effect of converting water to energy with sound vibration.  He found that under certain conditions, a frequency of 42,800 vibrations per second would convert water to pure energy.  Not steam nor hydrogen and oxygen, but a much more potent higher powered energy, which Keely came to believe was the luminiferous aether, the very energy out of which the universe was formed.

In 1874 a group of investors formed around Keely, the Keely Motor Company, with the expressed intention of exploiting this newfound aetheric force.  The company proved to be only a burden to Keely and of no practical assistance in his research.  Keely was not a businessman and the affairs of the company did not interest him.  As a result the Keely Motor Company was eventually dissolved but not until its founders had exploited its stock for everything they could squeeze out of the company, leaving Keely holding the bag.

During the Keely Motor Company episode, Keely was sustained by a few close friends who understood and believed in the value of his research.  Later, Clara Jessup Bloomfield Moore, a wealthy widow, came to Keely's rescue and supported his research until the end of his life.  Mrs. Moore wrote the only contemporary biography of Keely and his discoveries.

Keely's Discoveries
Keely's discovery of the dissociation or aetheralization of water by using the ultrasonic frequency of 42,800 was a fantastic discovery just of itself; however, Keely was intent on discovering all the physics behind this phenomena.  During his career, Keely used the basic discovery of converting water to pure energy to build many demonstrations utilizing that force to lift huge weights, control the force of gravity by making objects lighter or heavier, propel projectiles, and many others.

The water aetheralization effect was perfected by Keely to the point of being able to break down the atomic nucleus into 27 levels or gradations of finer and finer energies.  This is akin to modern physics where they have found numerous subatomic particles which are the building blocks of the nuclear particles such as protons, electrons, and neutrons.  Keely claimed that there were countless phenomena associated with each of these energy levels within the nucleus.  Some of these included energies which governed how the brain and mind operated, how gravity was produced, and what the forces were that created electricity and magnetism.

Perhaps one of the most astounding demonstrations was Keely's ability to control the force of gravity.  He could make substances either lighter to the point of levitation or make them heavier than their normal weight.  As part of his control of gravitational forces, Keely demonstrated a working model of our solar system complete with a simulated sun and planets that was tuned to the actual forces which governed each planet and the sun.  This model would even have the simulated sun and planets rotate about their axis and the planets orbit about the simulated sun.  Keely controlled this operational solar system with sonic force in conjunction with the aetheric "vapor" released from the breakdown of water.  This was demonstrated to Major Richarde Sever, an English scientist, in Keely's laboratory during the time of the World Centennial in the late 1890s.

Keely showed that all sympathetic streams of energy are composed of triple currents of vibratory flows.  This applies to magnetic, electric, gravital, and brain/mind flows.  These laws govern all mass from the innermost subdivision of the atom to the galaxies and universe itself.  These flows radiate from suns and stars to planets on down the scale to the very core of the atoms.  Since these flows are vibrational in nature and tuned to their respective spheres, Keely believed this was the basis for the term "music of the spheres" used in esoteric writings.

Verification of Keely's Discoveries
At this time there has been little done to verify Keely's overall thesis of sympathetic vibratory physics; however, the dissociation of water using sound vibration has been accomplished, albeit, as an accident in the laboratory.  This was explained in great detail in my first book. 

The basic experiment involved subjecting water in a quartz tube to ultrasonic frequencies as a test of sonic filtering techniques.  The experimenter knew nothing of Keely's work.

John Ernst Worrel Keely (1827-1898) was one of the first in a line of research scientists during the past 100 years who discovered a mechanism to release large quantities of energy with a low energy trigger mechanism.  Keely's discoveries hinged on the breakdown of water (and later, other substances) to create what Keely termed "etheric vapor" using specific, tuned, acoustic forces.  This obviously fits the free energy definition of a small force (sound in this case) releasing enormous quantities of aetheric force with the source of the energy being matter.  This was done in water with a base frequency that Keely asserted was 42,800 hz (cycles/second).  Whether this frequency is accurate is open to debate since a small error in measuring the lower frequency would produce large errors in the higher harmonics and who knows what Keely used for a frequency standard.

Keely generated this ultrasonic frequency using lower frequencies in the audible sound octaves.  Ultrasonic and higher frequencies can be produced by taking into account the fact that any vibrating object also produces harmonics of a fundamental tone.  By judiciously combining various fundamentals at lower sonic frequencies, Keely could increase the amount of energy being pumped into the higher harmonics since the energy of the harmonics would add vectorially.

Duplication of Water Aetherialization
In 1965 an acquaintance of mine, a nuclear chemist who I shall call Dr. X, was doing experiments with ultrasonics.  The setup is shown in Figure 2. The object of the experiment was to set up a standing wave in a column of water and force particulate suspensions in the water to collect at nodal points.  The starting frequency for the experiment was 40,000 hz.  The power amplifier was outputting approximately 600 watts into a specially built barium titanate transducer fitted to the bottom of a 2 inch quartz tube. When the system was started the water would heat and start boiling off, reducing the water column level in the tube and altering the standing wave conditions.  To compensate for this a feedback loop was installed that kept the frequency adjusted so as to keep a standing wave in the column.  Thus, the frequency slowly went up as the water level diminished.

At some frequency, a little above 41,300 hz, the water disappeared in the tube.  There was no water found from the tube anywhere, it had completely disappeared.  A clean hole was found in the ceiling directly above the tube.  Further examination revealed that the hole also continued through the roof of the single story building.  The conclusion of the chemist was that the water had been converted to pure nuclear energy.  He decided that this was definitely not what he wanted to pursue, since conversion of water to pure energy was akin to creating a nuclear bomb, so the whole effort was dropped.

Many researchers cling to Keely's frequency of 42.8 Khz. It should be remembered that Keely derived his frequency from musical standards available in the 1800's and scaled up to what he thought was the harmonic he was using. Keely did NOT have any way to measure anything above normal auditory sound of 22 Khz. Dr. X's frequency of 41.3 Khz is based on a reading he took with modern calibrated instrumentation. Therefore, the real frequency is very likely somewhere around 41.3 Khz to 43 Khz. To think anything else would be speculative at best.
Figure 3. Scientific American Picture of 4 ton sphere
 Buried by Keely Using Anti-gravity

        Summary of Keely's Research
Studying Keely's writings and trying to make sense out of them is a painful process.  Keely invented his own vocabulary and it took me many years to understand in a small part what he had accomplished.  Using sound vibration, Keely had literally unlocked the secrects of gravity, electricity, magnetism, sub-atomic physics, brain-mind physics, etc.  We will probably never know all that Keely did.  We can only hope that more modern researchers who rediscover these secrets will share them with the world for our enlightenment.

John E. Keely Laboratory with Globe Motor
Figure 1. Views of Keely in his Laboratory